WATER: Soft Flow To Release Stuck Emotions

Yin Yoga for Hips & Psoas

For this class you might want to grab a pillow or a folded blanket.

This Yin Sequence focuses on the lower body will release lower back pain, hip and leg stiffness, and might even help with any other soreness and discomfort in your lower body. SO much relief is available to you through the following poses if you experience tension and pain in these areas and these stretches will help restore balance in your body.

Yin is a slow and meditative style of yoga where you hold the poses for longer. The focus is on surrendering in to the pose, sitting with all the sensations that arrive and ultimately experiencing a deep letting go and a sense of calm. I hope you find time this week to nourish your body, deeply rest and restore with this yin yoga sequence for your hips and psoas muscle.

REMEMBER: There are so many emotions stored in our hips. Poses like the ones in this class can cause a release and allow old emotions to escape. So, be patient and gentle with yourself. Enjoy this class ?

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