About Us

Alkemie is an Aussie company, based in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Blue Mountains view

We live among and breath the wild elements of nature every day.

Like so many locations in Australia, we are blessed with the full sensory experiences of the landscape.

Here, Mother Nature can seduce us with a pink sunset arising over sandstone cliffs, or the soothing sound of a waterfall flowing over river rocks.

In those moments we find ourselves connected to something raw, a deep truth and a naturally arising expression. Nature is effortless and uncontrived.

Nature is the continual transformation of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and their container – Space.

Alkemie’s philosophy is to explore our connection to these fundamental natural elements – the building blocks of life, to go deeper into your experience of yoga, deeper into your experience of yourself.

“Alkemie is a dance, a dynamic flow – a brew of bubbling elements with the potential to transform into something new.”
Be Playful Yogi’s– and mix it up!

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